Hey there, so you want to know about me or my blog?

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About me

Hey, so where to start. First of all, thanks for showing an interest in my blog. I’m Luke, as should be sort of obvious, I’m a 19 year old from Dublin in Ireland. 

I, like you, spend quite a lot of time on the internet. I’m a part of the Irish Nerdfighter community, and a moderator on Hank Green’s Minecrafter server “Nerdcrafteria”, for example. 

Aside from that I love design. Seriously, I love Google+ for its design! (even though I rarely use it). All the graphics (except for some of the “content” buttons) on this blog were designed by me, as well as the entire theme from scratch. Feedback is always appreciated!

There’s a lot more I could tell you about me but if you’re curious about anything at all then drop me a message!

As I said, I’ve always been quite a supporter of the online community in general. Whether that be attending gatherings (nerdfighter and Tumblr usually), helping someone through tutorials, talking on a forum, or simply allowing plenty of routes for people to contact me is irrelevant. This means that my ask box is always set to allow anonymous messages as well as disqus comments being enabled on every page apart from the main one. Look, there’s a place for them at the bottom of this page! Leave a comment :)

Honestly, anything you want to know, all you have to do is ask..but yes, I am single *winks* (ok I’m kidding. I am single but it doesn’t define me)

About my blog

So this blog originally had a description that was somewhat deep and meaningful, and then I made this theme and did away with it. I tend to write a lot of text posts, however, hopefully that will change in the future. Three cheers for more content? Hip hip..no?

I tend to create my own content and post it on here. Most of this is text posts, in which I write (as best I possibly can) about certain events. These could be worldwide events, current affairs , a short personal message or anything in between. Some people love this, some hate it. What you decide is, as with most of my posts, up to you. I say that because some of my stuff has been, shall we say, controversial in that I tend to state my opinions bluntly and back them up. However, I will always encourage you to argue back to my through various different means that I try to make available to you, such as anonymous messaging, disqus, twitter and google+.

The portfolio page for this blog is currently still down but should be fixed soon.

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