Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Funeral

The funeral was yesterday, and I won’t post much about it. I’ll tell you straight out that it wasn’t entirely upsetting. Carrying the coffin in people were even able to make jokes and laugh. 

I will admit, however, that there were moments where I had to try to hold it together. Everyone has their triggers, and  could feel myself tearing up at times. Holding it together while doing a reading.prayer of the faithful (essentially it’s a “we pray for x, y, and z” with some added onto it), then waiting alongside others as they did their part was difficult enough, but something I had to do before. They read out her short story (about how she never thought that being a housewife and a mother was a lack of “liberation”) in lieu of a speech about her, which was pretty much perfect, and brought some tears to people’s eyes. And carrying the coffin out at the end, then throwing tulips onto it as it was lowered into the grave was tough. 

However, it was also nice. As I said, people were able to talk normally. People were able to laugh and be themselves. Nobody got caught up in tears for long, and everyone was happy to chat at the graveside, outside the church, and after the whole ceremony. 

She was 89. She’d had a good life, and I like to think that her end and her send-off were exactly what she wanted.

To my followers, I’ve put this to rest now and normal posts will resume soon. I have 3 posts planned, 2 of which are about Tumblr and I should be able to write up easily enough. However, don’t expect them tomorrow. Maybe on Friday. Thank you for understanding